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Home Energy Audits

Home energy auditHouse as a System Approach

Think about it: Your house is a system, made up of smaller systems that should work together as an interconnected whole. Energy consumption, air quality, building durability, and comfort are interconnected - and must be accounted for when making changes to any of these systems.

That’s why our “House as a System” audits take these interconnections into account when examining your home’s structure from top to bottom, including:

  • Building shell - Insulation, infiltration and air sealing
  • Mechanical systems - Heating and cooling, domestic hot water and renewable energy
  • Indoor environmental quality - Ventilation and moisture
  • Health and safety issues - Combustion safety

Each energy audit begins with a thorough inspection and evaluation of each of these systems. Our on-site auditor will address specific concerns or comfort issues you might have before, during, and after the audit.

Performance Testing

We utilize industry proven technology to measure the performance of your home. Blower door testing identifies air infiltration areas, and building  tightness. Infrared imaging is used to diagnose insulation levels, and identify cold spots. Fan flow testing measures the effectiveness of the ventilation system, such as bath fans. A duct blaster can be used to determine the air leakage in your ductwork. These technologies also provide a measurable baseline - so we can come back after you have made improvements for comparison.

Energy Modeling and HERS Ratings

You are probably going to want to know how much energy and money you stand to save.  A customized energy model is used to generate estimates of fuel consumption for your home right now—and after the recommended improvements are made. It even lets you project the payback period for each improvement, helping you to make targeted, cost-effective home improvements.

Detailed Written Report

Energy improvement projects can be complicated, and require attention to detail. Every energy audit comes with a comprehensive written report that details our findings. It also outlines the targeted improvements that will help you meet your energy goals, organized in order of cost-effectiveness and importance.

Follow Up Advice

Even with the knowledge that you will gain at the audit, a detailed written report, and our resource guide, you will still have some questions before proceeding with improvement work. We feel that it is important for you to be able to contact us with your questions, and feedback. Whether you are just getting started, or working your way down the improvement list, we’ll be happy to help you keep things on track.