Energy Audits, Home Performance Contracting, Green Building Certification

Multi-Family Energy Audits

Whole Building Approach
We evaluate multifamily buildings using a whole building approach:

  • Building shell - Insulation, infiltration and air sealing
  • Mechanical systems - Heating and cooling, domestic hot water and renewable energy
  • Individual unit characteristics
  • Indoor environmental quality - Ventilation and moisture
  • Health and safety issues - Combustion safety
  • Water usage efficiency
  • Lighting and appliances

Each energy audit begins with a thorough inspection and evaluation of the building to inspect and evaluate all of these components.
Envelope (Shell) Testing
Blower door testing identifies air infiltration areas, and building  tightness. Infrared imaging is used to diagnose insulation levels, and identify cold spots. We use these tools to identify areas where the building shell can be improved.
Ventilation Testing
Fan flow testing measures the effectiveness of the ventilation system, such as bath fans. A duct blaster can be used to determine the air leakage in your ductwork. These technologies also provide a measurable baseline - so we can come back after you have made improvements for comparison.
Energy Modeling
A software model can be created to determine the estimated energy consumption of the property “as is,” and its estimated fuel costs based on average fuel prices in the property’s location.  Energy efficiency improvements can be run through the model to determine potential savings, providing valuable economic analysis for building owners.
Heating, hot water, and electric utility data are collected and analyzed.  Fuel history will be correlated with heat loss calculations and the energy model’s fuel consumption analysis.  Energy savings estimates are then created based on implemented cost effective improvement measures.
Detailed Written Report
Every energy audit comes with a comprehensive written report that details our findings. It also outlines the targeted improvements that will help you meet your energy goals, organized in order of cost-effectiveness and importance.
Follow Up Advice
We feel that the energy audit and report are good starting points on your road to energy efficiency. We are available to work with you and your contractors to answer questions along the way, and to provide valuable follow up consultations. After work has been completed, we can perform quality assurance and re-test the building.