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Solar PV

Taking advantage of installing a solar photovoltaic system is one of the best things you can do for your home as it will reduce your electric bill and your carbon footprint. Solar photovoltaics use the sun to produce 100% clean and renewable energy. The panels last for up to 50 years and have become increasingly affordable with the help of State and Federal rebates and incentives.

Solar in Maine?

What state you live in is not a limiting factor on whether you should install solar panels or not. Last year, Germany was the world leader in solar panel installations and Maine experiences 33% more sunlight than that region. Even on cloudy days solar panels can still produce electricity for your home.

Financial Incentives

The financial incentives provided by the State of Maine and the United States government apply to grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems.  Through Efficiency Maine, residential projects can recieve up to a $2000 state rebate and commercial can recieve up to a $4000 state rebate based on the size of the system you install. Commercial solar systems can also qualify for a 30% Federal tax credit or grant. These incentives can go a long way in making your system a more affordable option. For more information on these incentives, see the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

Future Payback

As the world burns off more of its limited fossil fuel supply the prices go up. After you've installed your solar panels the price of that electricity will always remain the same. A 2012 estimate suggested that a typical 5 kW system costing $25,000 before credits and utility savings will pay for itself in 14 years, and generate a profit of $24,683 over the rest of its 25 year warranty.