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From the smallest project to large-scale renovations and improvements, our team will take your dreams and bring them to reality, all with an eye towards improving efficiency and air quality.

Windows & Doors

Replacing or improving upon doors and windows can have an huge impact on the function and efficiency of any home. We will take a look at your existing units and help you decide what changes best meet your goals at your budget.

Kitchen & Bath

These rooms are the workhorses of our homes and making improvements to them can greatly influence how we function. We can help you look at design and layout for usability, beauty, and air quality, 


From sheds to living space- we can help add to your property.


Sometimes you just need more space. We can guide you through the design process so that your new space will meet your needs in the most efficient way possible. Easing the stress and impact homeowners experience during larger projects is our specialty, and our team can manage the process from site work through interior finish.

Structural Repair

Often the bones of our homes need attention and repair. If you suspect that your home has structural issues to address- or if we discover them during our assessment- we can work with you to fix them so you can rest easy.

Basements & FOundations

We can help you repair the base of your home to decrease energy loss, improve structural soundness, and at times even expand usable space in your basement.  A thorough assessment can help us show you the best way to make your foundation and basement work for your home's overall health.