Why we’re committed to third-party certification

Choosing energy efficiency and high-performing systems has always been a smart decision, but that hasn’t always translated into higher appraisal and resale values. We’ve found a way to change that for our customers at no additional cost.

Pearl’s certification system shows you how your home performs and the steps you can take to enhance that performance. Each improvement we make to your home earns a Pearl Certification- a document you can use when the time comes to sell or refinance your home. Appraisers are required to use these certification documents when assigning a value to your home- a recent study found that Pearl-certified homes command a 5% sales price premium- that’s $20k in increased value for a $400k home.

We offer high-quality improvements to your home that can make you more comfortable and energy efficient. Through our relationship with Pearl, we ensure that the upgrades you’ve chosen bring lasting value to your property.

Only a network of elite, highly-quality contractors can offer Pearl Certification. Thanks to our partnership, we’re able to bring you even more benefits that increase the value of your home.

So look to us, your local Pearl Advantage contractor, to help you create a healthier, more comfortable living space.

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